Practice Details

Dr. Kamsler is Board Certified in Pediatrics and in Anthroposophic Medicine (a comprehensive approach to medicine with a holistic understanding of the human being).  He provides pediatric medical care to all ages of children/young adults and also provides consultative care for adult patients looking for a more holistic input. He has full admitting privileges at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Evaluation and therapies include a broad range of anthroposophic remedies, supplements, topical treatments/compresses, therapeutic eurythmy (a movement therapy), “lifestyle” recommendations and more.  Of course, the full range of conventional allopathic diagnostic and therapeutic options are included as needed for the individual patient. (click here for more)

Schedule and After Hours Availability (click here for details).

Fees:  The medical practice operates as a fee for service practice.  Payments are expected at the time of service.  This allows for more flexibility and freedom in the developing relationship between the physician and patient.  We make every effort to keep this care affordable for all with the following options: (click here for details)

Patient Portal:  A patient internet portal is available through the practice.  The portal complies with all healthcare privacy rules and has a limited but helpful role for some practice communications.  We can securely send some care information to you when appropriate and can also send more general office announcements.  The ability to fill out forms ahead of time, send pertinent attachments and patient scheduling for existing patients are also available via the portal.  We encourage all patients/families to provide an email address if available to allow access to this service.

Physician Availability:  Dr. Kamsler will be available for many of your medical care needs.  There may be times when he is not available and efforts will be made to provide backup coverage for pediatric care.